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doblesxposicion de la Rueda de Barros con motivos montaneses

Verano 2023


Wander Ausstellung zum Klimaschutz

Travel Exhibition against global warming

262 pices by 124 artist

Tandem -Human Corral

Prize-winner;  (1st category) 2nd place 24.4.2021:

 "Ohne Titel", Material-Collage/ Mixed Media (Naturschwamm, Stoff, Stempelfarbe) by Laura SEVILLA


- Petra BOSSINGER (Vice chairwoman of Förderkreis Hochbunker k101 e.V.)
- Lena KRONENBÜRGER (Editor-in-chief of fortytwomagazine)
- Dr. Ingo BOTHO REIZE (Biologist and artist)

ABOUT -Human & Corals

When we realize that tiny polyps (mostly smaller than 1 mm) are the builders of the coral reefs, which are comparable to our megacities and within these, there is the world's biggest accumulation of animals, we will act to save their habitat. Corals are the rianforests of the oceans. Water is the basic principle of our lives. Each drop of water has it´s own memory- lets charge this memory with good vibes!

Auswahl Bilder oben von folgenden Teilnehmern am Contest;

d.agatic-Gaias Prognose- Alarmstufe Gelb-Bleiche Gefahr-Mixed Media---a.kany-germinal-mixed media,--- l.sevilla- no title collage & -stop despilfarro collage, ---JVohwinckel-Human Virus I Cyanotype----e.haslhofer-meet me at coral Island-Nagellack...l.bauer-O.T.(3)-Photography